Now is the time to

break away from


behaviors and the

emotional roller

coaster of bad


Many women who’ve experienced abusive relationships find getting out of the cycle to be a tough process.

MyResilient Wellness helps women bridge that gap so that they can break old patterns for themselves & their kids while stepping into their best life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Are you trying to get a fresh start in relationships but find yourself:

  • Falling back into old relationship patterns;
  • Losing time cycling through one bad relationship after another;
  • Fighting mental and emotional struggles;
  • Struggling with doubt and fear of starting new relationships;
  • Sabotaging new relationships with good people;
  • Watching your kids & family struggle to heal;
  • Exposing your children to poor relationship patterns;
  • Facing financial struggles; and/or,
  • Feeling like you are in a downward spiral.

We know what it feels like to be stuck in self-sabotaging behaviors and the emotional roller coaster of bad relationships.

MyResilient Wellness is here to help you:

  • Break old relationship patterns.
  • Release limiting beliefs.
  • Uncover and connect with the best version of yourself.
  • Join a community of women who understand where you’ve been and will support you moving forward.
  • Learn ways to support your kids through the recovery process.
  • Create confidence to move forward into new relationships.
  • Let go of old feelings of shame, fear, and negative self-talk.

You do not have to stay in the same repeating patterns.

Hi, I'm Shannon!

Having worked in crisis response and mental health field for over 25 years, I have witnessed the devastating impact of generational cycles in families that kept powerful women paralyzed in fears and self sabotage.

My purpose is to empower women who have come through domestic violence to heal their emotional wounds so they can live their best lives physically, emotionally, and financially without being held back by the past.

Find out what MyResilient Wellness can do for you!

Generational Emotional Mapping

Essential Oils for Day-to-Day Health

Ready to jump in?? Here's the Plan:

Step 1. Identify what areas you are struggling with the most.

Step 2. Jump on a 15-minute complimentary call to see how MRW can help.

Step 3. Implement our protocols and strategies to create emotional freedom.


"Shannon lives and breathes this challenge...and the amazing healing oils! She is den Mama! I felt safe and empowered and at peace.... which is a huge win! This course is for anyone who needs to reclaim their life and embrace their true self again...with love and confidence! Thank you, Shannon! You are so passionate and committed to all of us and I am so grateful for this amazing transformation!"

Laura (Peoria, IL)

"Shannon has a strong passion to help women move forward and overcome the deep effects of trauma. Her genuine concern for those she works with is evident from the first conversation. I highly recommend this course for anyone that has been subjected to any type of abuse or trauma. It's unlike anything you have ever experienced before."

Zena (Washington, IL)

At MRW, we know you are the kind of person who wants to let go of the past so you can step into a new future. In order to do that, you need simple tools and techniques that allow you to do that.

The problem is we are often told that the solution can only be found through expensive therapies and procedures, which put us in debt, sometimes causes more problems, and keep us stuck in the revolving door of health issues. We have found that there are simple things we can do at home to truly recover, instead of putting a bandaid on a tough situation. We understand what it feels like to be facing a tough health situation, while not having a clear plan on how to get better. That’s why we created MyResilient Wellness.

Here’s how it works: Identify where you need the most help right away, learn the simple techniques that will move the needle forward on your recovery, and then implement them at home. It's that simple.

So jump in with us, so you can get unstuck with your health and get back to feeling your best.

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